GitHub student pack

GitHub student pack

2015, Mar 08    

Github is undoubtedly one of the largest webpages when it comes to sharing work with the community. Also, Github allows us to work as a team with the Git version control tools and a nice frontend.

What is the best way to promote the use of this kind of tools among the student? I don’t know about your answer, but Github thinks that offering a “starter pack” is one of the best ways: The GitHub Student Developer Pack.


To join the offer, you have to set up your account and add your college email or registered centre. Once you do it and complete the formulary, you’ll receive your pack.

The pack

  • The Github Micro Account, which allows us to have 5 private repositories in our GitHub account.
  • A *.me domain for free for a year.
  • Unreal Engine for free as long as we are students.
  • Continuous integration with Travis CI as long as we are students.

And many more things.

What are you waiting to give it a try? Official page:

(July 2018 Update)

This pack has changed a lot since I wrote this entry, and they have added many more interesting things such as Flatiron School to learn Web Development in a bootcamp, or TapLyrics to prepare A/B tests.

I am no longer a student, so I can’t have them, but if you are, go check it out!